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Simon Barrick



Simon is an Assistant Professor at Cape Breton University where he lectures in the areas of Community Studies, Sport and Physical Activity Leadership, and accessible programs for underrepresented communities.



Building curling for the community of the future

How to build a curling environment that is welcoming, inclusive, diverse, accessible and inspires all Canadians to make curling a part of their lives in the way they enjoy it most



Simon Barrick strives to bridge the nexus between research, teaching, and community service in promoting inclusive sport, recreation, and leisure opportunities, which are open to all Canadians. As a Lecturer in Cape Breton University’s Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies and Sport and Physical Activity Leadership Program, Simon teaches various sport management courses focusing on diversity and inclusion in the Canadian context. Through his Master’s and current PhD research, along with his extensive community service efforts, Simon strives to amplify the voices of underrepresented individuals and communities in creating more accessible programs and responsive policies. At present, Simon is working in an intersectoral team to co-construct newcomer intro-to-sport programs with diverse community stakeholders that reduce known participation barriers and promote meaningful winter sport experiences.