FOC - MB - Ray

Bobby Ray



Bobby Ray is a curling fan, player, and instructor, as well as a former Club and Association administrator of over fifteen years. As the Manager of Club Development for Curling Canada, Bobby shares his passion for the Business of Curling with optimism that it will help grow the game.



Introduction to the business of curling

Understanding the business of curling today and establishing desired outcomes for the symposium that will empower curling organizations to operate in a modern, successful and sustainable manner.

Recruiting and retaining curlers of the future

Understanding the successful journey one takes from discovery to loyal, long-time participant and optimizing this pathway for others to follow.

The future of curling is up to us (Closing Remarks)

The future of curling depends on our ability to adapt to the evolving conditions we face at a community, provincial and national level. Together, we can create a future for curling that is as storied as its past.